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How Ulysses Works

Ulysses Intelligent Data Platform applies human-like logic on a unified information platform that draws and relates structured and unstructured data from multiple source systems

Data Capture

With Ulysses, users can connect virtually to any data types via open database connectivity (ODBC) or Java database connectivity (JDBC) to various relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Accessible document data and local file types include common formats such as Excel, JSON and XML. This capability extends to unstructured data in common formats such as pdf and Word.

Ulysses data ingestion from this wide variety of sources such as RDBMS, web-logs, application-logs, and social media platforms can be either directly or via representational state transfer (REST) APls accessed over webservices.

Data Transformation

Semantic graph contextualisation

Ulysses offers prebuilt ontologies / data models for different industries and solution streams including Education, financial services, Government, Policing and Security, marketing, and knowledge management. The prebuilt ontologies serve as a baseline model for further customisation to rapidly cater to different industries and customer requirements.

Linked entity knowledge extraction and mapping

 Machine learning assisted mapping techniques allow column definitions to be automatically mapped from raw data sources to semantic graphs, making data transformation more efficient. When presented to business users, the semantic graphs are highly consumable in terms of providing the required business insights.

Data Utilisation

Data Vault & Ontologies

Ulysses allows bulk and incremental data ingestion from a variety of sources such as RDBMS, Hadoop, application logs, and social media platforms.

Relationship Finder

The Relationship Finder enables users to visually discover and explore existing relationships and commonalities between data entities.

360 View

With Ulysses, users can connect virtually to any data source easily without  IT intervention. The 360° view dashboard provides an intuitive ‘Bubble  View’ interface, empowering users to browse and discover relationships and information seamlessly on all data interactions and touch points.

Link Analytics Pro

provides a complete platform empowering users full flexibility with self-service data visualization and reporting capabilities. User skill levels will not be a concern as they can visually explore and build commonly used data explorations of their own.