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Education Quotient

Latize Education Quotient provides an education solution that helps academic institutions get a 360⁰ view of students. It generates actionable insights for educators to formulate strategies to help students learn and perform better to the desired capabilities.

The Problem

Educators around the world are struggling to provide a learning environment under which students are able to be educated holistically in order to be better prepared as a contributing and satisfied member of the community.

Current Challenges

Educational institutions may generally be attempting to develop students holistically but that is typically done in an ad hoc manner or by aggregating various student information manually.

Manual processing is costly and inefficient taking teachers time away from class-facing activity.

There is no means by which aggregated holistic information can be compared across classes, grades, schools, or regions.

Individual student holistic assessments are driven subjectively, the variations in which lead to less than ideal generic remedial programs to address areas of weakness.

Our Solution

In addition to academic results, Ulysses assesses the various streams of data that may be available in diverse and exhaustive areas across academics, extracurricular and social activites as to relevance, measurement, and corrective teaching processes.

Students can be assessed on an ongoing basis according to averages and benchmarks, and remedial strategies applied where and when required.

Teaching resources, methods, and capabilities can be evaluated against student development over time.

Any new student information entering any database or system is automatically harmonised and presented.